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 •  Smooth crystal surface Crystallized surface produces effect of diffused reflection which is pleasing to our eyes
Strong, wear resistant Even texture, high density, durable              
Non porous, stain resistant               Graffit, dirt, and stains easy to be cleaned, minimum maintenance              
Low thermal expansion Not subject to thermal cracking like other cladding material due to low coefficient of thermal expansion              
Easy craft and low cost to arch form Arch and curved form can be made by heating in high temperature
Resistant to environmental pollutants Unlike natural stones, it is better in resistance to acid, alkali, chemical substances, and acid rain
Safe green environment protection Material with no radioactive elements
ASTM of Crystallized Glass

 Test  Standard Result
Specific Gravity ASTM 2.7
Water Absorption ASTM 0.02%
Flexural Strength (dry) ASTM 33 Mpa
Coefficient of Friction (dry) ASTM 0.9
Behavior in Fire DIN 4102 A1
Product Sizes

Color: White

Nano Crystallized Glass
Slab 110" x 55" x 3/4"
Tile 12" x 12" x 3/4"

Micro Crystallized Glass
Tile 12" x 12" x 3/8"
Tile 12" x 24" x 3/8"
Tile 8" x 16" x 3/8"